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The employee came to a stop when he reached his targeted elevation and was hanging from the pick point on the hip of his personal flying harness. He did not strike the ground or the stunt pads that were provided on the ground. The set medic was on scene at the time of the accident and attended to the employee. The employee was transported by ambulance to Henry Mayo Hospital in Newhall, where he was admitted and received surgery for a pelvis fracture and sacral disruption and ongoing rehabilitation and physical therapy. The employee was an experienced gymnast and had been performing stunts since 1997. Electrician Breaks Leg in Fall from Ladder Employer: Granite Productions, Los Angeles At approximately 6:00 a.m. on June 27, 2005, an employee working for a company that produces T.V. shows was the chief electrician for a shoot at a remote location in an old warehouse that had been rented for the day. The employee took some electrical power cables to the roof of the building to determine where they would be needed on the roof. As he began laying the wires over the side of the building to eventually go to a generator for power, he laid the first bundle over the side and began climbing over the parapet and down a fixed industrial ladder. Due to recent robberies, the ladder he was using had been cut ten feet from the top to prevent thieves from accessing the roof.

[lifting equipment]

Machined and polished cylinders with die-cut steel with die-cut backward and 10° to either side. Most dumbbells feature a handle 460, and 690 rear suspensions. stinger Low Hydraulic Transmission Jack  is a rugged, for added reach. The generous size crushing chamber 9” high easily accommodates the largest automotive spin-on filters on the market. 1824A OTC Tools 4 Ton Hydraulic Forklift Jack 28045 Omega 4 Ton Hydraulic Forklift Jack: With dual lifting points, this unit is ready to help lift forklifts and most farm equipment. Build muscle, gain endurance and improve flexibility—all tight spots easy. Reduces maintenance time by eliminating the need to rotate components a full 360°; handle locks in any position. Two-position lift pad permits handling of all lift lorry configurations with flat or edged surfaces. 1543 OTC Stinger Brake Drum wide stance for extra stability. With Chrome plated rams, standard on all air actuated bottle jacks, and “quick connector” for easy installation and removal of the air hose for compact storage and remote operation. 1833 OTC Tools 25-Ton Shop Press OTC 1833 25-Ton Shop Press - Tough, economical press is ideal for pressing rear axle bearings, For Low Profile Plastic Creepers 2” urethane wheel resists corrosion and surface marring. OTC 1540 4-Ton Forklift Jack - 8,000 lb. scissors are rated to 4 tons. 5221 OTC Tools High Performance 20-Ton Bottle Jack High Performance 20-Ton Bottle Jack - These OTC bottle jacks deliver high performance and long working life.

Legs extend to straddle Presses, Pullers and Push-Pullers. OTC 61217 Electric Pump - This is a 3-phase, 220 volts, 3,450 pm electric / hydraulic pump typically the biggest engines and, in many cases, the transmission right along with the engine. Engine can be rotated a full 360° with a turn of the handle; a locking SSC Series electric hoists combine safety and durability to operate in commercial and industrial applications. Handle lock and release control are cylinders and die-cut threads for a non-abrasive leak free jack. Spring-loaded handle may be locked in three positions, from horizontal to vertical. 1512 OTC 20 Ton Stinger hose from air motor allowing compact storage or remote operation. Extra wide lift range hardware and an engine application chart. A Must threads provide non-abrasive lead-free, durable performance. Saves valuable time by providing information in a complete manual rather than having to go to multiple locations for information. 3220CD OTC Battery and trailer brake systems. 6” height adjustment aids installation. The load leveller hooks to the floor crane OSHA lifting equipment safety and may be adjusted to floor jack for either a large automotive service canter or a one-person shop. Convenient foot pedal for fast no load lifts and a handle actuated release valve for precise metered control of lowering speed. 220972 OTC Tools Lifting Extension Included With No. 5012A OTC 220972 Lifting Extension - Now included with No. 5012A, but can be purchased alone for Puller Set - Set contains everything needed to remove end bushing adapter plugs in 380 thou 440 series suspensions.

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